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Building Moves

Building Moves

One of the key qualities of fabric buildings is that they can be moved. This is due to their modular design and the fact that they are generally less complicated than a conventional building. Some of the reasons you might want to move a building include:

  • Your operational needs have changed and you need the building in another location on your property.
  • You've moved and you want to bring the building with you.
  • You've purchased a used building and want to install it in a new location.

UCC would be happy to review your plans to move your building and provide expertise such as ensuring the building will meet wind and snow loads in the new location. Doing a move is also a good time to consider modifications like: extending/shortening the building, adding/removing endwalls, adding doors, replacing the cover or replacing damaged components.

Our crews are fast, efficient and pay attention to detail. They have experience with many of the common brands like: Cover-All, Norseman, Winkler, Hiqual, Fastcover, Universal Fabric Structures, Diamond Structures, Megadome and others.

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