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WideBay Trussed Purlins, designed for bays up to 60' in width, can offer an economical and effective alternative to most traditional bar joist applications, and the results are stronger and more attractive.

The WideBay Trussed Purlin design can accommodate roof snow loads up to 40 pounds per square foot at a 5'-0” on-center spacing for a 60'-0” span. Adjusting the span and/or spacing can accommodate higher loads. And in spite of their brawn, WideBay purlins are better looking. UCC has designed a product that does more than its competition, plus has more aesthetic appeal. This new advance provides more flexibility, too. Depending on the application, top and bottom chords can be the same or different thickness. The vertical member placement allows for horizontal bridging and can be used to accommodate point loads. And unlike traditional bar joists, bridging can occur at a panel point or centered between panel points.

The WideBay Trussed Purlin is also flexible when it comes to roofing options. It is designed to work with VP's SSR roof system, or architectural metal roofs, or EPDM when using VP's Deck•Frame system.


  • Reduced labor and construction time. VP's WideBay Trussed Purlin saves you money. Basic construction crews with no additional training or equipment can erect WideBay in less time.
  • Easier roof installation. Thinner chord thickness and wider attachment area makes roof installation easier and helps prevent screw burnout.
  • Extended strut capacity in the WideBay Trussed Purlin “seat” allows for additional load capacity.
  • Bridging. Save 1 to 5 rows of bridging with WideBay compared to conventional bar joists.
  • Safer, faster screw and bolt assembly. No need for welding and the problems it may entail. WideBay Trussed Purlin installation uses simple screw and bolt assembly and self-drilling screws.
  • Reduces the cost of sourcing material from multiple suppliers.
  • UCC delivers the complete job to your site, including steel systems framing and WideBay Trussed Purlins, making material scheduling and procurement easier and faster.

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